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Lesley Ito

Lesley Ito

Female |Nagoya, Japan

Creating a Successful Extensive Reading (ER) Library

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About the class

About the class

This webinar is hosted in English

Much has been written about the effectiveness of extensive reading. When students read a lot of books at their own level that interest them, they input they receive helps to improve their English skills. Having an ER library can greatly benefit your students and add value to your school, but many school owners don't know where to begin. In this webinar, which was originally given as a presentation by Lesley Ito at the Nagoya ETJ EXPO, learn tips on how to create and manage a successful ER library from a teacher with over 15 years of experience in this area.

Learn how to:
create a library and how to effectively choose books
ensure your curriculum supports ER
help students choose the best books for them using "book whispering"
manage your ER library with a bar code scanning system

About the Host

Lesley Ito

Lesley Ito

Nagoya, Japan

Lesley Ito is a well-known teacher, teacher trainer, school owner, and award-winning materials writer based in Nagoya. She has taught in Japan for over twenty years, won “Best of JALT” in 2011, and has presented professionally throughout Japan, and at the ER World Congress in Dubai, UAE. Winner of the 2015 LLL Award in the Young Learner Category for Backstage Pass, her ELT writing credits include teacher’s guides, workbooks, graded readers, and the e-book Fifty Ways to Teach Young Learners: Tips for ESL/EFL Teachers.

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